Player of the Year
Abigail Preston

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KnockOut Volleyball PLAYER of the YEAR for 2017

Abigail Preston
12 Kiwi

It's no surprise that the player of the year came from 12 Kiwi, this team blew us away with their third place finish at Lonestar.

Abigail's Head coach Elise said "Abby is one of those players a coach may see only a few times in their career. Abby is not only an excellent skilled all around volleyball player, she is an encouraging and supportive teammate, an honorable adversary, and authentic person.

I have been fortunate to coach Abby for two years, with the 11 and under Kiwi team, and 12 Kiwi, this last season. She was a starter in her first season; I had her playing middle front, as she was one of just a few to understand blocking at that age. She has always been an excellent server, and has improved immensely on her passing from one season to the next. As a 12 Kiwi, Abby played the whole of each match we played this season. She was one of our two setters, and our strongest server, having quite a few of over 10 point serving streaks. She is left handed, and actually one of our strongest hitters, although we didn't quite utilize her there as much as we could have this season. She is learning how to hit off the 1st pass, and has greatly improved on tipping/trick setting on the 2nd ball. On her own, Abby would go up for a one handed block if the pass was tight or over the net. Those were fun to watch. In addition, her team could always count on her to get a great pass to the setter, or back them up and hustle to a shanked ball. If she did make a mistake, or didn't get to a ball, she immediately knew what to do to correct it.

She never quits. Quite the opposite, Abby's work ethic is exceptional. College coaches could have their players watch Abby as a role model. During practice, you will always see her hustle during drills. She will shag balls without being asked, and is always first during warm- up laps and sprints. She never cheats her team or herself. She encourages and supports her team always, even when the score and the team's faces show defeat. What she gives in practice shows up in games: her all, 110%.

I am a yoga instructor, and the girls got to hear my rants about being a good person, an encouraging teammate, a hard working player, and a respectful opponent. After all my talks, I feel heard and understood, especially by Abby Elizabeth. All of the players on 12 Kiwi are these things, and I have faith they will all continue to be wonderful players and people. Next year, they will go on to be a national team, and no matter who is coaching, I feel confident they have an excellent leader and captain in Ms. Preston. Congratulations Abby, you deserve every bit of this award! Love, Coach Elise"

Here is what Aubry G last year's KnockOut Volleyball's setter of the year and Abigail's teammate said about her:

"Abby Elizabeth is so kind and encouraging to people around her whether it be her teammates, her friends, family, or people she doesn't even know. She has always shown good sortsmanship, showing kindness to the other teams as well as her own teammates and coaches. Abby was always looking for opportunities to cheer on her teammates and she is always there to comfort you and brighten your day. I love her positivity and how optimistic Abby is. Even when it looked impossible to win because of point difference, Abby looked past that and continued cheering on her team until the end. Abby Elizabeth has shown a great deal of unelflessness all season. Even when she could do something in a game that would benefit her more than her teammates, she never thought of herself and did what was best for the rest of the team, putting her teammates and coaches before her. Abby is also very athletic and FAST. No one ever beat her in sprints or laps around the gym. Abby ALWAYS worked her hardest during all practices and games. Even when the coaches, or even teammates weren't watching, Abby made sure to get the job done well. I have loved having Abby Elizabeth as my teammate, and I loved having volleyball bring us closer. I think all of her teammates would agree with me when I say, Abby definitely deserves this award. Love you Abby!❤️
~Aubry G"

Another teammate Stella F said

"This is Great news! How exciting! ABBY is so deserving. She always has a positive attitude and is a great leader."

Hello Coach Coward,

12 Kiwi Assistant coach Bilyesia Cooper added,

"Abigail is one of the most dedicated athletes that I have seen, from a coaches and a players perspective. Shes kind, humble and is always encouraging to her teammates. She is respectful to all coaches, and you can see the love for volleyball in her eyes. It has been an honor being her coach, and I know she will continue to bless the lives of others with her presence. Congratulations Abigail! "