Our fee structure is a bit different than other clubs.  We don't want anyone to lose out on this opportunity for financial reasons.
We pride ourselves in providing a full club experience without the full club cost. This means we ask you to be open to helping us in fundraising. Don't worry, we won't ask you to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper. If you have a matching donation program at your work, or a volunteer program, sign up for it! The time you spend in the gym is volunteer time. If you have a business you frequent often, ask Thia or Jacqueline for our Sponsorship paperwork. Maybe that business would like to sponsor your player. We wouldn't exist without donations. Thank you.

2018-19 Season Fees

Free Lunch Program
Reduced Lunch Program
Pay It Forward
Full Tuition
Lite Program
Lite Plus
Regional Teams
National Teams
Beach: 23 Sessions
-----------12 Sessions
-----------6 Sessions

Free Lunch Program:  To qualify for this category you must be able to provide paperwork demonstrating free or reduced lunch qualification.
When you register for tryouts, or your team, please upload your paperwork so we can verify.


Pay it Forward:  If you do not qualify for "free lunch" and honestly cannot afford our full tuition, you may apply for “Pay it Forward” status. To apply for this is a program you must fill out an online application and submit a letter explaining the special circumstances facing your family. KnockOut Volleyball has a limited number of spots it can grant in this program.
This is a program where families pledge to come back at some point in the future and make a donation to sponsor/support the program.  There will be no legal obligation to do so; just a desire from the heart to bring the same advantage to another child at some point in the future.  Families will "Pay it Forward" if/when they are in a position to do so.

Full Tuition:  Family is able to pay full fees.

Note:  Fees are paid throughTeamSnap. There will be a downpayment when you register, then monthly payments if you choose. If you have ANY issues with this. Please contact us. We are here to MAKE SURE your child can be involved in club volleyball.

You will be informed within 24 hours of trying out as to whether you have been named to a team.  You then have one week to make your first payment or you will forfeit the awarded spot. Fees are non-refundable.

Anytime you are facing a difficulty meeting your financial obligations it is crucial that you communicate with us.

Player fees will help us cover gym rentals, tournament fees, coach's salaries, USAV coach's registration fees, player gear, and other equipment.