We chose the National bird of New Zealand, the Kiwi bird, as our mascot because it ties us to our benefactor’s (Knockout Sportswear) home country. We also chose it because it is cute, unique and far more powerful than most people realize.

The Kiwi bird is a feisty and aggressive, territorial bird. They are known to be incredibly strong and extremely tenacious.

Kiwi researchers say, when a Kiwi bird makes a charge towards an intruder: ‘They sound like a bear charging, almost exploding, through the dark. Standing there, it’s quite intimidating.’

One famous kiwi in North Westland, called Pete, is legendary. ‘If you walk into his territory he comes catapulting in for a hit-and-run. He belts you in the leg and then runs off into the undergrowth.’

Kiwi are quick learners. Once a bird has been tricked into capture with tapes of kiwi calls or whistles, it is hard to fool it a second time.

In the wild, kiwi are big travelers, superbly adapted to their natural habitat, agile and quick-moving. A bird can cover his or her territory – about the length 300 volleyball courts – in a single night. And, unlike the court, not all the ground is flat. If alarmed, kiwis can run as fast as a person.