Pay It Forward Application

Application Due August 22nd.


If you do not qualify for "free lunch" and honestly cannot afford our full tuition, you may apply for “Pay it Forward” status. To apply for this is a program you must fill out an online application and submit a letter explaining the special circumstances facing your family. KnockOut Volleyball has a limited number of spots it can grant in this program.
This is a program where families pledge to come back at some point in the future and make a donation to sponsor/support the program.  There will be no legal obligation to do so; just a desire from the heart to bring the same advantage to another child at some point in the future.  Families will "Pay it Forward" if/when they are in a position to do so. Pay it Forward fees, if you are approved;
2017-2018 Season
     TryOuts:                           $60
     Clinics:                             $60
     Full Season Regional:     $1400
     Full Season National:      $2000  

Please contact Jeff Coward at (512) 638-1553 with any questions. 

YOUR CHILD(REN) IS NOT REGISTERED UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. As a result, she will not appear on a roster and is ineligible for participation (including practices) until the fees are paid. We recommend registering your child for the program, selecting a payment plan option, making the first payment, and then applying for a reduced fee with Knockout Volleyball, Inc. Once your application has been Approved or Denied, you will receive an email stating as such. If your application is approved, you will be informed as soon as your discount has been applied to your account. At that time, you may pay the remainder of your balance or stick to the payment plan option previously selected. 

If we do not receive payment by the registration deadline, there is no guarantee that Knockout Volleyball, Inc. can hold a place on a team for your child(ren). 

Jeff Coward
Knockout Volleyball, Inc. 
(512) 638-1553

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Please give us a brief explanation of the circumstances your family is facing that have led you to apply for this assistance.
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