When my daughter was 2 yrs old and I knew she would be something great. She had the grace when she moved of a dancer and the stature of an athlete. She was also a tomboy who wanted to play football. At the age of 3 she chose to play soccer. I let her make her own decisions because she displayed a sense of independence that had to be acknowledged. I told her stories of me playing Volleyball in clubs, school and college. She just wanted to play football. At the age of 11 she got invited to go to a volleyball game with my sister and they were short a player. So they asked her to step in. She obliged. She got defensive player of the game and the coach asked her to join the team. She fell in love with it and hasn't stopped playing since. She has played in various organizations, clubs and in school as well. I decided that this year was going to be her year. I was going to focus on her and Volleyball. We were looking at a club in October and right when they were about to hold try-outs I lost my job. I was crushed because I promised her that she would play for the best club in Pflugerville. October 28, 2014 she came to me and told me about Knockout Volleyball. She is always looking for ways to make it easier on me and I'm looking for ways to still get her into the club we had already looked at. She was insistent upon going to the Knockout Tryouts. I took her and there were only 3 girls in her age group. I told her that I would talk to the other team and I will find a way to make payments. She wanted to continue to go to the practices until I figured out something. When we returned to practice and there were more girls and the chemistry they had together on the court was great for a group that had never played together before. I listened to the coaching staff tell us their vision for this club and I knew this is where my daughter needed to be. Hopefully her paying it forward means that she will one day come back and coach or donate her time when she comes home from college. Either way I think that Knockout Volleyball has impacted her tremendously in just a few short weeks because she looks forward to practice and cant wait for the season. She has kicked up her competitive side. This is her chance to be apart of something great. This she will carry with her for years. She was one of the first to change the world of Club Volleyball. Knockout for Life!!