Jeff, Thia ,Tara, Linda, Kendra, Mona and Everyone involved with KnockOut Volleyball,

 I want to thank each and every one of you now! I know there will be many more thanks coming, as well.

I am so excited and very happy to have been introduced to Jeff and Thia Coward of KnockOut Volleyball. I had no idea what to expect the evening my daughter and I were running late trying to get her to tryouts. We get there and head straight to the gym. I peak inside and recognize the coach immediately. I put a face to the name Jeff, who I had only spoken to briefly to make sure it was ok to show up a bit late. Before this, I only knew him by face recognition as the Pfluggerville head coach and honestly I am glad we showed up. I don't know this man, but I watch a lot of volleyball matches and I have to admit that I love watching him coach his high school girls. There's a real caring and compassionate, knowledgeable, skillful interaction between him and each one of his players on every play of the game. He is walking court side the entire time and you can just sense his passion for the game, but most importantly his passion for helping his girls learn from every play in each game. I am very happy that he will be coaching my daughter at KnockOut Volleyball.


I also want to express how great it was to meet the administrative part of the team at KnockOut Volleyball, Jeff's wife Thia. Thia is kind, friendly, approachable, and very helpful. What a blessing it was to find out that there is an affordable club program that my daughter can join!


Thanks so much to people like Jeff and Thia, and the KnockOut Volleyball program for willing to help others . . . people who need people!



Veronica A. Elizondo