My daughter, 12 yrs. old, started playing volleyball when she was 7 and since she found it, she hasn’t wanted to play anything else since!  We have always played with leagues locally like the local YMCA and recreation centers, and I was able to put her in a few ½ day camps every once in a while in the summer time, but I have never been able to afford anything more than that, and even making those dues is hard for us.  She has begged for me to put her into Club for years, and I have put many hours in searching for any and all Clubs around town that I could possibly afford, and every time, I had to tell her no because they were too expensive; It is heartbreaking to have to tell your children that you can’t “afford” to do something they love to do when they deserve it.  So when I received an email to come and try out for Knockout Volleyball, it was a blessing!  I cannot begin to say how thankful my daughter and I both are for Knockout Volleyball giving her this opportunity, and we feel so blessed.  I am so proud that I can finally give back to her, by giving her the chance to do something that she loves, since she has given me the gift of being such a wonderful daughter!