Our daughter Isabella has had a passion for volleyball ever since she was very young. We as a family have tried to keep both her and her sister, active in sports ever since they were 3-4 years old. She had been enrolled at the YMCA and although this was a good environment for her, she wasn't being challenged enough, so we began to look for other opportunities. In our search, we began to realize that in order to get our daughter involved in a good program, it wasn't going to be cheap and the further we looked at the better organizations, the more expensive it became. We regret the fact that finances have hindered our options and our daughter’s ability to play and practice with some of the better teams in the Austin area, but that is the reality.

Recently, we became aware of Knockout Volleyball and we feel like our prayers have been answered. We strongly feel like our daughter will now have the chance to be involved in the sport she loves and she will have the opportunity of being able to work with a group of professionals that understand that there are great kids in our society that have great talent, but are sometimes the victims of our struggling economy.

I want to take just a few minutes to let others know how much Jeff and the coaches mean to our family, including our daughter Isabella. Without the support and financial assistance from Knockout Volleyball, our daughter would not have the opportunity to be involved in the sport of her choice and I just want those of you that are reading this note know what a difference this organization has made in the life of this young person and her family. The KnockOut coaching staff has top level coaching and the positive atmosphere they have created has allowed our daughter and the other girls that are playing, not only excel in the sport but feel like they have the same opportunity as other girls that may come from more affluent families.

Their staff is doing it for the love of the game and to assist families that could not otherwise afford to keep their daughter in the sport they love. Knockout coaches take their mission to heart and are tireless in their efforts. They are great people and we are very happy to have our daughter as part of this club. We give Knockout our gratitude and highest recommendation.


-Vince and Jessica-