We want to form four club volleyball teams that will practice at Del Valle HS from November thru mid-April in the evenings;
A High school team, a freshmen team, a middle school team and an elementary team.

Tryouts are: 

Saturday. Oct 5th
9 am to Noon
at Del Valle HS in the new VB gym.

Tryouts are FREE for DVISD students.

FEES for the 2019-20 Season:
Regional Fees (regular price) = $1750 for the entire season
Reduce Lunch rate = $700
Free Lunch rate = $350

Call or text Jeff if you have questions: 512 638-1553

13 Rowi take home 3rd! Way to go team!!!!!


Do you want to become a more complete volleyball player? Would you like to be a better passer? Develop better ball control? Improve your defense? Become a more effective and dynamic attacker? Do you want to return to the gym in the fall moving faster, jumping higher and playing with greater agility than you ever did before? If any of these results sound good to you then you should play and train for beach volleyball. 

KnockOut Volleyball is a game changer.

If a child has a talent and a passion for volleyball, they should have access to it. The existing system of club volleyball in this country creates a financial glass ceiling that obstructs almost half of the player pool from participating. Once kids miss out on playing club for a couple of years they tend to get left behind. The middle school and high school teams can not compete, and opportunities to play at the next level all but disappear.

KnockOut Volleyball changes all that, bringing the game we love to the under-served players of our community. Great coaching and the full club experience without the hefty price tag. Club volleyball for hundreds of dollars a season instead of thousands. This is only possibly due to the generosity of our sponsors.

KO LoneStar Classic 2017.jpg

Our first LoneStar Tournament win goes to 12 Kiwi.